Sarah’s Values

  • Watching my husband Andy battle cancer made health care personal for me. I’m committed to expanding access to health care, lowering insurance and prescription costs, and fighting for comprehensive coverage for all of us.
  • I’ve been a caregiver and I know how challenging it is. Delaware should join other states by passing universal paid family and medical leave so that nobody has to choose between their family and a day’s wages.
  • I support increasing the minimum wage so that Delawareans do not have to work two or three jobs to make ends meet.
  • Delaware is full of excellent educators who are deeply committed to every student’s success, but Dover has a lot of work to do to ensure that our tax dollars give every child from Cape to Christina the same great education I got from Red Clay. From supporting wrap-around services to reforming our funding that accounts for students living with poverty, language barriers, and disabilities, I am committed to leveling the playing field for our kids.
  • Kids who start their education early are getting a head start on the rest of their lives. We’ve made real progress on early childhood education; now it’s time to guarantee that every family can access affordable early childhood education. 
  • Criminal justice reform is good for our communities, our economy, and public safety. We’ve made real progress modernizing our justice system—from sentencing reform and second chances to closing decades-old racial disparities in the criminal code—and we can’t slow down now. I’m committed to banning the box in private employment, investing in training and employment for ex-offenders, and breaking down the school-to-prison pipeline.
  • Enough is enough. Like a majority of Delawareans, I support common sense gun safety laws, including an assault weapons ban, a high-capacity magazine ban, and licensing requirements for all gun buyers. These policies and other common sense gun safety measures are constitutional, and the research shows that they work.
  • The economy of the future lies in innovation, renewable energy, and green industries. We can and must protect our environment and empower our communities all at the same time by investing in sustainable energy and attracting green jobs. Additionally, Delaware needs to do more to mitigate the environmental impact of all new development, to protect open space, and to ensure that when development happens in our communities, our neighbors are on the job site. 
  • Too many Delaware families have been touched by the opioid and drug epidemic. Delaware must invest more in long-term care for those struggling with addiction and require insurance, including Medicaid, to pay for the long-term, holistic support that our communities need to address this urgent crisis.