Why I’m Running

I was born and raised in the First Senate District. These communities helped raise me – from growing up in the Highlands and graduating from a Red Clay school to summer camp in Bellevue Park and cheesesteaks at the Claymont Steak Shop with friends in high school.

No matter what I’ve faced, my neighbors in this district have had my back. They’ve supported me and sustained me through some of the most difficult times in my own life, including the loss of my husband. They helped me heal when I was hurting and restored my faith when I wavered.

I’ve seen this state at its best, demonstrating the values of kindness, respect, and fairness. But for all the progress we’ve made here in Delaware, I also know that too many of our neighbors still feel left behind and too many worry whether they’ll be able to make it at all.

Throughout my life and during the course of this campaign, I’ve seen the challenges facing the First District. The father who is worried about whether his family can afford treatment for his daughter’s struggle with addiction. The woman who is fearful that she will have to plunge herself into debt while undergoing chemotherapy. The single mom grappling with giving up a day’s wages in order to take her child to another in a long list of doctor’s appointments.  

The challenges we face are why I’m running for the State Senate – because I love Delaware and I want us to more fully live up to our values as a state of neighbors.

We need a renewed sense of optimism, energy, and a belief in the opportunities before us. But change only happens when people with big ideas and the courage to get them done step forward. That’s why I’m running now and that’s why this campaign matters.

Many of these issues can only be fixed by the state legislature. To fix our criminal justice system for too many who have faced injustice in our courts or in the way they’re treated by police, the state legislature is the only meaningful path to change.

And what’s more – with inaction and bickering in Washington, state governments have to step in and do more to address the needs of our neighbors. If the federal government won’t act to make sure that our neighbors have the health coverage they need or that they can take time off work to care for a sick family member, the state legislature in Dover has to act. That’s why I’m running for State Senate.

This is real for me. Six years ago, I drove down to Dover to stand before the Delaware State Senate to fight for my rights and the rights of thousands of other Delawareans. Together, we were able to achieve something that many people thought was impossible – a landmark comprehensive law protecting people’s dignity, regardless of their gender identity.

Come January 2021, I hope to make that same drive down to Dover and stand in that same chamber to fight for economic opportunity and dignity for every Delawarean.

This is a critical, pivotal moment for our democracy.  It’s hard to turn on the news and not feel frustrated and heartbroken by what’s going on in Washington these days.  It can be hard to remember that we’re all in this together because the sad state of national politics can make us feel so divided and alone. 

With all that happening at the national level, it’s easy to become tired and dispirited. Too often, it feels like our politics must be so broken that we can no longer do big things. But this can’t be the time for sitting on the sidelines. This is a time to redouble our efforts and to show what neighbors can accomplish when we work together. We must meet the goodness of our people with a government that sees and hears all of us – and act decisively to make sure all of our neighbors have the opportunities they need.

Despite the challenges we face, I remain as hopeful as ever that we can make big change happen – because I’ve fought for it, I’ve seen it, and I’ve lived it. I’m committed to making this campaign a force to make that big change real right here in Wilmington.

If this seems like your vision for our community, we need your help to build our campaign. We’re counting on grassroots supporters like you to help power our campaign by chipping and volunteering.