When neighbors come together, we can make real change.

Sarah McBride is running to be Delaware’s next Senator from the First State Senate District. She’s spent her life fighting for dignity, equality, and a level playing field for everyone – and now she’s taking that fight to Dover.

Sarah's vision

I love Delaware and I want us to live up to our values as a state of neighbors. But change only happens when people with big ideas and the courage to get them done step forward. That’s why this campaign matters.

Sarah will fight for opportunity for all.


Making healthcare affordable

Even after the Affordable Care Act, medical expenses are still the #1 cause of bankruptcy in Delaware. We need to make sure that everyone can afford to access the quality care they need.


Expanding paid leave

No family should have to choose between their job and taking care of their health, a loved one, or a new child. We need to guarantee paid medical and family leave for everyone in Delaware.


Supporting our schools

Passing universal pre-K and supporting our public schools.


Reforming the criminal justice system

Reforming and improving our criminal justice system.

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Community leaders across the First Senate District are backing Sarah.

Sarah's story

A native of Wilmington, Delaware, Sarah has been involved in politics and progressive advocacy for nearly half her life.